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Hop shoots

Vegetable expensive than gold.  It is being cultivated in Bihar.  Where will it sell?  Who would buy?  Who eats?  There are millions of such questions.  But the truth is that vegetable selling in Bihar is being sold for 82 thousand rupees. 82 thousand kg kg vegetable cultivation is being done in Bihar Amresh Kumar Singh of Aurangabad has done farming in 5 katthas Used in beer and medicine making Hop Shoots Aurangabad There is poverty in Bihar.  There is an escape.  Unemployment.  Is a crime.  It is politics.  There is a flood.  It is dry.  It is winter, summer, rainy.  But there is also a vegetable selling 82 thousand rupees kg.  It is also being cultivated.  It also has buyers.  It is said to be the most expensive vegetable in the world.  You are going to tell about this vegetable, whose price you will be shocked.  A farmer in Aurangabad is cultivating the world's most expensive vegetable.  People around them do not understand what he has cultivated.  Where will they s

Boudh Gaya

Tiladhak Mahavihara .....  Yes, only Tiladhak Mahavihara is written in the records, it is about 33 kilometer west of Nalanda Mahavihara….  In the seventh century, Xuanzang called it "Tiloshikya Sangaharam", praising it ....  It is written that there are four pavilions and three blocks in Tiloshikya Sangharam, high-turrets have been built ....  There are three viharas on the intermediate gate road, metal firings and bells all over it, dancing in the air….  Doors - on the windows, on the stairs there is copper carving, gold gilded, there are a thousand bhikkhus…  There were other centers of education around the Tiladhak Mahavihara, Etsing has written that there used to be a teacher of Hetuvidya near Tiladh, Wu-hing had read Hetology from them.  Chinese traveler Etsing has called it Tiladh and has told that the famous Buddhist philosopher Gyanachandra lived in this Vihara….  The Mughal period historian Abul Fazl mentions it as "Tildah" in "Ain-e-Akbari" and s

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