Uda Devi 'Pasi :


Uda Devi 'Pasi': an Indian adventurer who killed more than 30 British soldiers alone!

"Some call them Habsin, some call them lowly and untouchables, others call them strong, others call them strong"

These lines are said to be in honor of the heroine who freed the British Army sixes in the revolution of 1857.  Everyone knows about the heroes like Rani Laxmi Bai, Begum Hazrat Mahal.  But hardly anyone knows about this 'Dalit Veerangana' Uda Devi, who gave a befitting reply to the British army in Sikandar Bagh, Lucknow.

Born in Lucknow, Uda Devi belonged to the 'Pasi' caste.  There is not much information available about his date of birth.  But it is said that her husband's name was Mecca Pasi and after marriage, Uda was renamed 'Jagrani' in the in-laws' house.

The sixth Nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah recruited a large number of soldiers in his army, in which the people of the lower classes of Lucknow also got a good opportunity to get jobs.  Uddadevi's husband Mecca Pasi, who was very courageous and mighty, got admitted in his army.  It is said that after seeing Mecca Pasi joining Shah's squad for the independence of the country, Uda Devi was also inspired and she got admitted to Wajid Ali Shah's Women's Squad.

At the time of the revolution of 1857, people all over India went on a revolt against the British government.  On 10 June 1857, the British attacked Awadh.  A platoon under the leadership of Maulvi Ahmed Ullah Shah was fighting a British contingent at Ismailganj in Lucknow.  Mecca Passi were also in this platoon.  He got to Veergati while fighting the British here.  When this news reached Uda Devi, her intention to fight against the English government became even stronger.

She was already in the women's squad.  But during this revolution, with the help of Begum Hazrat Mahal, she created a separate battalion of women fighters.  This battalion consisted mostly of Dalit women.  All of them are known as 'Dalit heroes'.

On 16 November 1857, the British army led by Sergeant Calvin Cambell attacked the Indian troops stationed at Sikandar Bagh in Lucknow.  In such a situation, Uda Devi, dressed as men and her battalion, stopped the British army at the gates of Sikandar Bagh.

Uda Devi had climbed a peepal tree with a gun and some ammunition during the battle.

They did not allow the invading British troops to enter the Alexander Bagh until their ammunition was exhausted.

He killed more than two dozen British soldiers.  Seeing this, the English officials were shocked.  They did not understand who was killing their soldiers.  Then an English soldier saw a gardener hiding in a clump of peepal tree leaves, who was firing a sharp shot.

Calvin Cambell is said to have been overwhelmed by the heroism of Uda Devi by paying off the hat and paying tribute to the martyr Oda Devi.  During this battle, London Times newspaper reporter William Howard Russell was working in Lucknow.  After the battle at Sikandar Bagh, he sent news to the London Times office in London.  There was also a news in these reports about the war of Sikandar Bagh.

William Howard Russell, in his news of the Battle of Alexander Bagh, mentioned a woman firing from a tree wearing men's clothes and killing several British soldiers.

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