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Gorakh Mundi is a one-year-old, sprouted plant that grows after rains in paddy fields and other moist places.  It is slightly pasteurized, spongy and odorous. It consists of scandal-sided, letter-vinyl, condensed and often inverse carvings and floral micro 'crimson' colors and is found in the curved artery.

 ■ Medicinal properties of Gorakh mundi

 Chew the four fresh fruits of Gorakh mundi and chew it well and take it in the stomach with two sips of water, then neither the eye nor the eyesight will be weak for one year.  Swallowing one knob of Gorakhmundi daily will not turn the eye red for many years.
 Powder  By grinding its leaves and applying it like ointments, Naru disease (also called Bala disease, this disease is caused by drinking dirty water) is destroyed.
 By taking equal quantity of powder of both Gorakh mundi and Saunth with hot water, the pain of mango vata is removed.
  Goat Mundi powder, ghee, honey mixed and consumed in the morning and evening ends the rheumatic diseases.
  In case of leprosy, prepare the decoction by mixing the powder of Gorakh mundi and the bark of neem, leprosy is cured by taking this decoction in the morning and evening.
 It is very beneficial for the throat, it sweetens the voice.
 ☛ Gorakh mundi has been the most successful experiment in gonorrhea, gonorrhea etc.
 If there is boils or pimples, it is necessary to grind the seeds of Gorakh mundi and mix the same amount of sugar in it and take two spoons of cold water once a day.  Taking this powder also increases the energy in the body.
 Hair does not become white by consuming Gorakh mundi.
 Uproot Gorakh Mundi plants by cleaning them and drying them under shade.  Grind it after it dries and eat it with ghee sugar and eat it, it gives a lot of power to the heart, brain and liver.
  Stomach problem is overcome by using Gorakh Mundi decoction.
 It is also beneficial for jaundice patients.
  Gorak Mundi leaves and its root are grinded and taken with cow's milk, it increases physical strength.  If a person makes powder of its root and consumes it with milk for two consecutive years, his body becomes strong.  Gorakh mundi can be consumed with honey, milk whey

Rambana Ayurvedic treatment of all the secret diseases of men *:

Amazing benefits of this miraculous remedy: Dr prescription Kamdev Churan, drink 1-1 teaspoon in the morning with 1 glass of milk.

 This drug is very much in the treatment of masculine weakness, premature ejaculation, lack of sperm, curvature of the penis, loss of sexual desire, due to masturbation, lethargy, lack of sense of relaxation, long-term, old age etc.  It is more beneficial.  If your penis has become smaller or because of childhood mistakes !!  By thickening your semen and making it in greater quantity, your time to have sex will be amazing.

 By strengthening your penis like a stone, it will make it completely strong, any male can eat it from 18 years to 65 years.  It is pure ayurvedic

 Dr. prescription Kamdev powder sitting at home all over India
 Metal radar,
 Premature ejaculation,
 Thank you
 Loss of sex,
 Lack of sperm
 Metal weakness,

15 amazing home tips

1. Mix a little honey in orange juice and drink one cup of it thrice a day, the complaint of diarrhea of ​​a pregnant is eliminated.
 2. If there is a sore throat, chewing aniseed in the morning opens the throat.
 3. In the morning, hungry stomach after removing three to four walnuts and eating them for a few days ends the pain of the knees.
 4. Smelling the fresh green coriander stops sneezing.
 5. By applying onion juice, small pieces of warts fall from the root.
 6. vomiting by drinking lemon juice mixed with onion juice stops immediately.
 7. To get instant relief from gas discomfort, peel 2 buds of garlic and chew it with 2 teaspoons of pure ghee and eat immediately.
 8. Eat spicy food Spicy food will open your closed nose immediately.
 9. Potato peel acts like bleach on your skin.  Applying it improves the color of your blackened skin.  So after today do not discard the potato peels but use them.
 10. If you often complain of blisters in the mouth, do not forget to suck good after eating food everyday.  Blisters will be far away from you to do this.
 11. Add a pinch of soda to the thin buttermilk and drink it to relieve burning sensation.

Sattu, the enemy of obesity
You may be surprised to hear that all the elements necessary for a complete diet are found in Sattu.  By eating or drinking Sattu, a person does not feel hungry for a long time.  Which helps the person to lose weight.

Mineral, iron, magnesium and phosphorus are found in gram sattu, which works to give you instant energy by eliminating the fatigue of your body.

Keeps the stomach cool and protects from heat-
 It is advisable to consume Sattu in the summer due to its cold.  It also helps in keeping the stomach cool due to which the person does not get heat.  Sattu keeps body temperature under control, which prevents many stomach related diseases.

Stay away from anemia
 If the person is suffering from anemia due to lack of blood in the body, drinking Sattu in water daily is very beneficial.

Diabetes problem -
 Beta-glucan present in Sattu controls the sugar level in the blood by decreasing the absorption of increasing glucose in the body.  Diabetes patient can control diabetes to a large extent by consuming Sattu daily.  Keep in mind that people suffering from this disease should not consume sugar sattu.

If you feel hungry again or you cannot stay hungry for long, then Sattu is beneficial for you.  After eating it or drinking its syrup, you will not feel hungry for a long time.

 3 Sattu is a good source of protein and it also cures stomach upset.  By eating it, the liver becomes strong and the acidity problem is overcome and due to easy digestion, there is also no constipation.

Sattu made from 4 barley and gram is beneficial in diabetes.  If you are a patient of diabetes then using this sattu daily is beneficial for you.  It can also be taken as a sorbet or salted after dissolving it in water.
 5 When there is a lack of energy in the body, Sattu acts immediately to give energy.  It is effective in keeping you energetic by removing weakness.  It also contains many nutrients that provide nutrition.
6 Sattu is a panacea remedy for people suffering from obesity.  Eating Sattu made of barley daily also works smoothly on the digestive system and you can get slim body by reducing obesity.
 7 Sattu intake is very beneficial for blood pressure patients.  For this, mixed lemon, salt, cumin and water in Sattu should be consumed.

Ayurvedic recipe for gaining masculine strength like a horse

Kalyan Ayurveda- If you are also troubled by weakness and are looking for a solution to remove masculine weakness then today you will find a solution, yes, some people are not able to please their wife or girlfriends due to masculine weakness or marriage.  Even if you shy away from doing so, you do not need to be worried anymore.  Sometimes there is a decrease in masculine strength due to some internal or external reasons which becomes a matter of concern for those men.

 Raisins are the surest way to increase the masculine strength like a horse, know the method

 Many times the physical weaknesses found in men and cause healthy relationships.  There are some physical weaknesses like dreaming, premature ejaculation and weakness etc. which are due to lack of control over the mind.  Today we are going to tell you such a perfect recipe of raisins.  With the use of which one can get masculine strength like horse.

For this, put 300 grams of raisins in a glass vessel.  After that you have to add honey so that the raisins are well immersed.  After that, keep the lid closed.  Your medicine will be ready after 48 hours.  Now take four raisins and one teaspoon of honey daily in the morning on an empty stomach and drink a glass of cow's milk from the top.  Do not eat anything until half an hour after consuming it.  If you consume it regularly for 30 days and follow celibacy, then you will get increased masculine strength like horse as well as increase in sperm count.


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