between 4G and 5G before 5G, only 10 points

 Know the special difference between 4G and 5G before 5G, only 10 points

The time has not gone too far when memory cards were filled in to listen to your favorite songs and watch videos.  Technology has changed the situation so that today you are enjoying online YouTube and the entire movie is watched through internet on Netflix etc.  But the time to come is going to be even faster.  Today 4G service is active in India and we are able to do so many things through internet.  Just imagine how it will be in the coming days when 5G will be introduced in our country.  Hopefully in the new year we will get to run 5G and mobile services will also change completely.  Before the introduction of 5G in the country, let's know what is the difference between the existing 4G and the upcoming 5G.

 1. What is 4G

 4G means fourth generation here.  4G was introduced through 2G and 3G, which is the most advanced existing technology in terms of mobile internet connectivity.  Today all the telecom companies in the country are providing 4G services, due to which it has been possible to do computer-like tasks on smartphones.

2. What is 5G

 As the name itself suggests 5G means the fifth generation.  This will be an advanced version of the current 4G service which will develop and incorporate all the features of 4G.  5G will operate on the Super High-Frequency Spectrum.  In order to enable internet to run at 5G speed in smartphones, tech companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek and Bionic have also launched their chipsets and processors.

3. Speed

 The first and the biggest difference between 5G and 4G will be internet speed.  Currently, maximum idle speed is given at 100 megabytes per second (Mbps) on 4G networks while in 5G this speed will be 10 gigabytes per second (Gbps).  That is, 5G network will be 100 times faster than 4G network.
4. Strog Infrastructure

 India is one of the largest mobile markets in the whole world.  The number of smartphone users in our country is increasing rapidly and all people have internet.  Due to fast growing mobile users and increasing internet consumption, the existing 4G infrastructure is weakening, which is impacting mobile services.  But 5G Infrastructure will bear the burden of millions of people not only in the present situation but also in the future.

5. Latency

 First of all, let us tell you the meaning of latency, when you send a message to a friend, the time between sending the message from your phone to receiving the message in his phone is measured by latency.  This time is very short i.e. milliseconds.  Even though 4G does not feel latency.  But just think how fast it will be in 5G.

6. Buffering

 When playing a video, before starting, she puts all the frames in a line and then moves on, this is called buffering.  When watching online videos, when she stops in the middle and is seen moving around, she shows the weakness of the network.  Perhaps the term 'buffering' will become history after the arrival of 5G.

 7. Loading

 While searching for something on the Internet, as soon as the keyword is entered by typing and then the page is exposed, it takes some time between loading.  In 5G this loading time will be reduced even further.  That means the result in front of hitting enter.  The loading time in 4G LTE is generally stated to be 20ms / sec, which is claimed to be 2ms / sec in 5G.

8. Network Congestion

 As we also mentioned above, smartphone consumers and Internet users are growing rapidly in the country.  The 4G spectrum is limited and the pressure on the same network is increasing with the addition of new users.  As an example, earlier where a tower used to hold 50,000 people phone signals.  At the same time, signals are being given to the phones of 1,50,000 people on that tower.  Because of this, network congestion is increasing.  But in 5G this position will be refreshed and service will be available without interruption.

9. Online Gaming Lag

 You might have all played Pabji.  It may have happened many times that you pressed the fire button, but in the game the fire happened a little later.  That is, the time between pressing the button and getting a response is the game lag.  This lag will be reduced very much in 5G compared to 4G.  In online gaming, this time will be less than 1 micro second.

 10. Cloud Gaming

 The Mirzapur show from YouTube to Netflix and Amazon Prime, we all watch online through the Internet.  But just think how games should be played through online streaming, just like movies.  5G cloud can make gaming easier.  If it is successful in India, you will not have to download the game app on your phone or computer, nor will you need to buy PS, Xbox and expensive games.


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