Hop shoots

Vegetable expensive than gold.  It is being cultivated in Bihar.  Where will it sell?  Who would buy?  Who eats?  There are millions of such questions.  But the truth is that vegetable selling in Bihar is being sold for 82 thousand rupees. 82 thousand kg kg vegetable cultivation is being done in Bihar Amresh Kumar Singh of Aurangabad has done farming in 5 katthas Used in beer and medicine making Hop Shoots Aurangabad There is poverty in Bihar.  There is an escape.  Unemployment.  Is a crime.  It is politics.  There is a flood.  It is dry.  It is winter, summer, rainy.  But there is also a vegetable selling 82 thousand rupees kg.  It is also being cultivated.  It also has buyers.  It is said to be the most expensive vegetable in the world.  You are going to tell about this vegetable, whose price you will be shocked.  A farmer in Aurangabad is cultivating the world's most expensive vegetable.  People around them do not understand what he has cultivated.  Where will they s

Boudh Gaya

Tiladhak Mahavihara .....  Yes, only Tiladhak Mahavihara is written in the records, it is about 33 kilometer west of Nalanda Mahavihara….  In the seventh century, Xuanzang called it "Tiloshikya Sangaharam", praising it ....  It is written that there are four pavilions and three blocks in Tiloshikya Sangharam, high-turrets have been built ....  There are three viharas on the intermediate gate road, metal firings and bells all over it, dancing in the air….  Doors - on the windows, on the stairs there is copper carving, gold gilded, there are a thousand bhikkhus…  There were other centers of education around the Tiladhak Mahavihara, Etsing has written that there used to be a teacher of Hetuvidya near Tiladh, Wu-hing had read Hetology from them.  Chinese traveler Etsing has called it Tiladh and has told that the famous Buddhist philosopher Gyanachandra lived in this Vihara….  The Mughal period historian Abul Fazl mentions it as "Tildah" in "Ain-e-Akbari" and s

history of Varanasi

What did Varanasi look like in the 19th and 20th centuries?  Check out these 15 rare photos At that time, the rich people used to travel with a hand painted canal. Banaras is considered one of the oldest cities in the world.  People reach Shiva's Kashi to attain peace and salvation.  Some call it a 'city of temples' and some a 'religious capital of India'. In true sense, this city runs not with religion but with celebration.  This is the reason why death is also celebrated here.  Varanasi has always been a favorite city of photographers due to its amazing architecture and culture. In such a situation, we have brought for you very rare pictures of this spiritual city, which were drawn many years ago. 1. The royal elephant of the King of Kashi The king of Banaras (Varanasi) lived a very luxurious life.  Even today, their fort exists as evidence.  In this picture, an elephant is seen in their royal fleet.  The 'Howrah' that can be seen above the ele

old lucknow

Look at these 20 rare pictures, what used to show 'Lucknow city of Nawabs' earlier Today, the Nawab is no more in Lucknow, but in Tehzeeb, Nazqat and Nafasat, the city maintains the same place as before.  Even today, people remember the evenings of Lucknow, the adoring palaces and the courtesans. Lucknow, which was recognized as Awadh in the 18th century, has contained many historical dates within itself.  Looking at the old buildings here, the beautiful history of Lucknow is remembered. So why not take a look and see this magnificent city through these old and rare pictures. 1. Kaiser choice palace - 1870 2. Beligard Gate - 1862  3.Wingfield Park - 1870 4. Lakhi Darwaza (Kaiserbagh) - 1880 5. Dilaram - 1857-1858 6. Hussainabad Imambara (Chota Imambara) - 1857-1858 7. Horse cart in front of Turkey Gate at Lucknow - 1880 8. Saadat Ali's Tomb - 1870 9. Bara Chhatar Manzil (Mahal) a

difference between beer, whiskey, rum, whine, gin tonic, scotch

In simple words, understand the difference between beer, whiskey, rum, whine, gin tonic, scotch etc. Beer All of us have drunk, Beer, Whiskey or Rum, sitting in college with hostel wardens, sitting in a closed room with friends.  Wine, Scotch, Vodka comes later in life.  Now, people become so drunk by drinking that they reach home after drinking and think what the parents will know!  Drink will happen many times, know the final today what is the difference between different drinks- Wine The main ingredients used in the wine are fruits (most grapes are used). The fruit juice is made to make the wine. Champagne This is a type of sparkling wine. This is made from the secondary fermentation of grapes, which comes in a Fizz. This drink started from the district district of France, Champagne. Brandy Brandy is made by Distill to Wine. Whiskey The main material used in Whiskey, Mash of Fermented Grain (Wheat, Barley etc.). It is kept for some time in Oak Casks. Bourbon This is American Whiskey

Uda Devi 'Pasi :

  Uda Devi 'Pasi': an Indian adventurer who killed more than 30 British soldiers alone! "Some call them Habsin, some call them lowly and untouchables, others call them strong, others call them strong" These lines are said to be in honor of the heroine who freed the British Army sixes in the revolution of 1857.  Everyone knows about the heroes like Rani Laxmi Bai, Begum Hazrat Mahal.  But hardly anyone knows about this 'Dalit Veerangana' Uda Devi, who gave a befitting reply to the British army in Sikandar Bagh, Lucknow. Born in Lucknow, Uda Devi belonged to the 'Pasi' caste.  There is not much information available about his date of birth.  But it is said that her husband's name was Mecca Pasi and after marriage, Uda was renamed 'Jagrani' in the in-laws' house. The sixth Nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah recruited a large number of soldiers in his army, in which the people of the lower classes of Lucknow also got a good opport

These 4 businesses will run 100% in 2021, will never stop

These 4 businesses will run 100% in 2021, will never stop Friends, 2020 is almost over and everyone knows how 2020 has been and people are now scared of what business will be like 2021 and which will not.  So today we are going to tell about four such businesses are going to grow very much and will never be closed under any circumstances.  Whenever you start a new business, you have this fear in your mind that this business will not drown or if my money will not be spoiled, then the information we are about to give to the business today is completely safe. The first business that we are going to tell today is the business of transport, Amazon is a very big company like friends and its job is to take an item from one place and deliver customers to another place.  Hence it is the number 1 company in the world.  Friends, the thing that Amazon has delivered to the customer is neither from Amazon, it has just delivered that item to the customer, Amazon has set up a system that is making goo

Sanjeevani of Ayurveda | Gorakh mundi

Gorakh Mundi is a one-year-old, sprouted plant that grows after rains in paddy fields and other moist places.  It is slightly pasteurized, spongy and odorous. It consists of scandal-sided, letter-vinyl, condensed and often inverse carvings and floral micro 'crimson' colors and is found in the curved artery.  ■  Medicinal properties of Gorakh mundi  Chew the four fresh fruits of Gorakh mundi and chew it well and take it in the stomach with two sips of water, then neither the eye nor the eyesight will be weak for one year.  Swallowing one knob of Gorakhmundi daily will not turn the eye red for many years.  Powder  By grinding its leaves and applying it like ointments, Naru disease (also called Bala disease, this disease is caused by drinking dirty water) is destroyed.  By taking equal quantity of powder of both Gorakh mundi and Saunth with hot water, the pain of mango vata is removed.   Goat Mundi powder, ghee, honey mixed and consumed in the morning and evening ends the rheumati

our history

#भूल_गए_होगें_याद_दिला_दूँ_अपना_इतिहास 'भारत' का नाम यह संविधानिक नाम है "भारत - That is India" सांस्कृतिक नाम नहीं। प्राचीन भारत का सांस्कृतिक नाम था- #जम्बू द्वीप, #वानरंसा द्वीप, #कोया कोया तुरे, #सिंगार द्वीप तथा #गोंडवाना लैण्ड ।  #प्राचीन भारत बहुत ही समृद्ध और उच्च कोटी की सभ्यता थी, जिसे *सिन्धुघाटी/द्राविड़/River Valley सभ्यता* की नाम से इतिहास में लिपिबद्ध है। इस सभ्यता के निर्माता भारत के मूलनिवासी *द्राविड़* थे जिनके वंशज आज भारत में SC/ST/OBC/R.Minority के रूप में है। समृद्ध गोंडवाना लैंण्ड को विदेशी  आक्रमणकारियों ने नष्ट करके आज विश्व में सबसे पीछे ढकेल दिया।   *#भारत पर 12 बार विदेशी आक्रमण हुए :-* 1. यूरेशियायी आर्य ब्राह्मण  2. मीर काशीम 712 ईस्वी  3. महमूद गजनवी  4. मोहम्मद गोरी  5. चंगेज खान  6. कुतुबुद्दीन ऐबक  7. गुलाम वंश  8. तुगलक वंश 9. खिलजी वंश 10. लोदी वंश 11. मुगल वंश 12. अंग्रेज (British) #सबसे पहला विदेशी आक्रमणकारी आर्य ब्राह्मणों (अर्थवा, रथाईस्ट, वास्तानिया) ने यहाँ आक्रमण कर साम-दाम-दंड-भेद की नीति अपना कर यहाँ की समृद्ध सभ्यता को छि

between 4G and 5G before 5G, only 10 points

 Know the special difference between 4G and 5G before 5G, only 10 points The time has not gone too far when memory cards were filled in to listen to your favorite songs and watch videos.  Technology has changed the situation so that today you are enjoying online YouTube and the entire movie is watched through internet on Netflix etc.  But the time to come is going to be even faster.  Today 4G service is active in India and we are able to do so many things through internet.  Just imagine how it will be in the coming days when 5G will be introduced in our country.  Hopefully in the new year we will get to run 5G and mobile services will also change completely.  Before the introduction of 5G in the country, let's know what is the difference between the existing 4G and the upcoming 5G.  1. What is 4G  4G means fourth generation here.  4G was introduced through 2G and 3G, which is the most advanced existing technology in terms of mobile internet connectivity.  Today all the telecom comp

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